Dan Farr

Personal Trainer & Functional Performance Specialist 

I've been working in the fitness industry for over a decade and my training has always been based around what I want to achieve outside of the gym. For me, that's always been to see an improvement in a sporting environment.

I count myself very lucky as I enjoy training but what means more to me is that I can count on my body to go and experience anything I want in life.

That's a lifestyle that I've chosen, I enjoy eating good healthy food and I have my rituals and routines that are part of each day which help me to relieve stress and improve my performance. I still go out at the weekends and enjoy takeaways but I believe that's a of part of being happy.

I don't for one minute think that any client I train wants to live the same lifestyle as I do but I want to help you build a lifestyle that's perfect for you and makes you happy.

"As your performance improves and exceeds your expectations, it leaves the results you are looking for to take care of themselves."

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