PT Academy

If you're looking to become a personal trainer or you're looking to take what you offer as a personal trainer to the next level then our education in conjuction with Faster Global is the place for you.

The education platform require's you to contribute to the Faster global community in order to enusre that you have the very latest research in all areas of fitness. Areas we focus on include weight loss, pain and injury recovery, performance training across all sports as well as a knowledge of applying phychology to the delivery of the training.

Faster global is an education company that has coached and develped some of the leading Personal trainers in the world. Faster are responsible for producing educators and trainers who work with all populations from A'list celebrities and athletes through to specialist populations clients.

If this has sparked you're interest and you'd like to know more about the education process that I offer then you can contact me:

or for more information on Faster Global, head to: