Christina Constantinou

Fitness aim: Rehab & badminton specific


"Right,  I'll admit it. I'm a challenging client. I've had a lifetime of sporting, congenital and sporting injuries, the result of which is a hyper-competitive 30-something with a plethora of neuroses. Every week I turn up with a new problem, niggle or twinge.

Dan has managed all of these challenges expertly. He really takes the time to understand his clients and their needs, and because he knows me, I trust him. He knows when to push, triage and analyse. He knows when I'm in pain or just failing to focus. He knows how important my amateur sporting achievements are to me, and he is dedicated to helping me get there.

Most of all, he knows how to make me enjoy getting stronger. What's more, I've never felt stronger. I move more efficiently, more confidently. I wobble less (all round). Every step isn't a terrifying possibility of 3 months in physiotherapy.

It's been almost 2 years since I last had an injury that took me off the court or out of the gym.  That's exactly the same amount of time that Dan has been in charge of my training plan.

Although I've come a long way,  I'll never be free of my conditions - but there's still more to do, and I'm certain I have the right guidance and expertise to achieve these goals. I believe I will get there - and there's no other trainer I would want on this journey with me. "


Elliw VDP

Fitness aim: Wedding specific


"I started training with Dan in early 2014 for the sole purpose of getting in shape for my wedding in November 2014.

Dan was amazing in helping me achieve my body goals in time for the wedding but, more importantly, he has motivated me to keep up my training ever since (something I never would have thought possible before meeting Dan!).

As my goals have changed Dan has tailor-made programmes to help me achieve those goals.  At the moment we’re working on my long-distance running and Dan has been invaluable in helping me with both the physical training and my nutrition.

In short, over the last few years, Dan has helped me lose inches, tone and improve my overall fitness and lifestyle generally.  I cannot recommend him enough."


Adrian Attey

Fitness aim: Rehab & improved fitness


"Dan is one of those trainers that you don’t want to let go, he approaches his work with expertise and sensitivity.

Having presented him with a number of fitness and injury challenges he has helped me improve my posture and rediscover an enjoyment of doing exercise. 

Its never a dull moment and if he gets stuck he goes away, researches and comes back with a better way. 

I can’t really see a time when I will not value Dan’s encouragement, innovation, knowledge and good humour."


Kim Cowell

Fitness aim: Powerlifting


"I have been working with Dan for some time now. He has been coaching me as a competing power lifter and therefore our focus is largely on strength work. 

He has seen me through competition preparation including nutrition and attending with me. I have seen dramatic increases in my strength both physically and mentally since working with Dan. 

He strikes a good balance of "tough love" and providing constructive support which is perfect for my training and personality. All of my programs he writes are bespoke and he takes into account my input too which I really appreciate.  

I would highly recommend Dan to anyone whether starting out or an already established gym goer."


Neil Jackson

Fitness aim: Pain management


After my physio recommended I get a personal trainer.  I started training with Dan to reduce the pain I feel, as I suffer from chronic pain in the back of my hamstrings and lower back.  

Since working with Dan I have noticed a massive reduction in pain, thanks to his excellent exercise regime.

Our sessions are always hard work but with an element of fun and certainly never boring.  The list of Dan ‘created moves’ is ever growing such as the signature ‘The Croc’. 

Dan tailor’s sessions to my requirements and challenges me to improve strength and meet my goals.  I would recommend Dan to anyone who has injury’s or suffers from pain to regain normality.


Tom Courtney

Fitness aim: Increase muscle mass


Working with Dan as my trainer has been great. He listened to all of my goals and what I wanted, then figured out what I needed and put together workouts to get me the results.

I'm chuffed with the progress I've seen and I always come away feeling like I'd achieved something. Dan pushes me hard and the workouts are challenging, but they also focus on technique and efficiency, rather than aimlessly chucking weights around. 

Dan's technique orientated, and he's helped me see marked progress. The amount I squat has doubled, for example, and I always know that I've done better than I did in the previous session.

It helps that Dan's a great guy, who makes me look forward to getting up at 6am every morning so I can go and have a fun and fulfilling start to the day.


Karen Greig

Fitness aim: Netball specific


I first hired Dan in Jan 2011 initially it was going to be for just 6 sessions to kick start my training regime and in prep for the start of my netball season but enjoyed the sessions so much I am still working with him.

I quickly saw results losing body fat and ultimately weight and changing shape and dropping a dress size. Playing netball at the highest domestic level I need to be challenged which Dan did and still continues to push and change my programme where needed, he shows a great understanding of my sport and ensures he adapts my sessions in line to what is needed in netball.

I recently suffered a serious knee injury but continued my sessions with Dan and he continues to push me as far as I can with my rehab work to ensure I am in the best shape before my surgery.

Dan is very approachable, always on time and ensures you get the best experience out of your sessions. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who is looking to achieve any goal in their training/lifestyle.


Jonathan Partington

Fitness aim: Running specific


I have trained with Dan for two years. My main goal has been to improve my 5k running performance.

Dan has worked with me to improve my running technique using exercises to create tension through my core while running and my one leg balance skill. 

As a result my 5k time has dropped by over two minutes from 26:47 to 24:13. Dan’s sessions are always fun but challenging and different to what you would do on your own.