Chase Personal Training

Keeping yourself fit and healthy makes perfect sense. You look great, it increases your energy levels and improves your performance in all areas of your life.

Surely that's worth taking up some of your leisure time.

So why do we struggle to exercise?

Maybe your current exercise regime is boring, you're stuck in a rut and not seeing the results your hard work deserves?

Maybe you're recovering from an injury or you are scared to exercise because you suffer pain in a particular area?

Maybe you don't feel your training is improving your performance in your chosen sport and therefore don't see it as worthwhile?


Chase Consultation

Where do you begin?

Chase Health and Performance offers a free consultation to discover everything we need to know about your current lifestyle before we set about writing you a bespoke training plan.

We will work together to make positive lifestyle changes that improve every aspect of your life and achieve your goals.

Your free consultation analyses:

  • Movement Patterns
  • Current exercise regime
  • Diet
  • Work/life balance
  • Most importantly your fitness goals


Chase Health & Wellness

At Chase Health and Wellness we provide a training experience that gives you all the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle long term.

When it comes to reducing body fat we believe in building healthy routines that fit into your lifestyle which leaves the results to take care of themselves.

We've helped many clients go through the process of changing their body shape and mind set so they sustain their results. We also like to give you the confidence and skills to set your body new challenges and achieve them.


Chase Rehab

At Chase Rehab we have a good understanding of how your body should move. Knowing this gives us the ability to build exercises to improve the functional movements that you require and confidence to meet the demands you want to place on it. 

We work alongside physiotherapists to build on the exercises that are prescribed to you and assist you back to your peak physical fitness.

With our knowledge of functional movement and pain management we use research based protocols to get you back to your best.


Chase Sports Performance

At Chase Performance we believe that your training has to be specific to you, we take into account how you're structurally built and what sport you play. We then may need to consider your position and your specific attributes that you want to improve.

Our understanding of biomechanics gives us the ability to build exercises that increases strength in the ranges of movement that you require for your sport. Making sure that your movements happen in the correct sequence provides maximum power and strength.

We provide an environment  that your body we thrive in and see the results in your sporting arena. We will also implement your skills into the specific energy system that is needed for your sport.